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Cheat Codes

           Here is the list of "Cheat Codes" for Warcraft 2, 
          "The Tides Of Darkness" and "Beyond The Dark Portal":

 Code                   Effect


 title                  Turn cheatcodes on or off.
 spycob / valdez        5000 oil. 
 glittering prizes      10,000 gold, 5000 lumber, 5000 oil. 
 hatchet                Trees chopped in just 2 chops. 
 make it so             Everything builds extra fast

  Tactical codes

 deck me out                  Instant armor and weapons upgrades
 it is a good day to die      Invincibility, except for some spells
 every little thing she does  All the spells and infinite mana
 tombstone / noglues          Invincibility for some spells like runes

  Game Level Codes

 tigerlily              Enables level jumping
 orc#,                  Brings you to orc level '#' (1-14)
 human#                 Brings you to human level '#' (1-14)
 xorc#                  Brings you to orc expansion level '#' (1-12)
 xhuman#                Brings you to the human expansion level '#' (1-12)
 fastdemo               Between game levels a demo is being played

 (#=nr scenario)

  Other Codes

 on screen              Shows the entire map with no fog of war
 showpath               Shows the entire map with fog of war
 swapmasks              Toggle the fog of war
 showcoords             Shows coordinates
 i don't think so /     Keeps playing after you win the mission
 never a winner
 unite the clans        Causes an instant victory
 you pitiful worm       Causes an instant loss
 allowsync              Cancels the modem-connection during multiplayer and 
                        quits the game
 disco                  Plays the hidden disco-song on the (Expansion) cd
 netprof                Displays a laser show (older versions only)
 ucla                   Displays "go bruins" on the screen
 day                    Displays "FIEF" on the screen


 Do the following to use the codes:

   1. Press ENTER during the game, at the bottom of the screen
      appears: "Message:". 
   2. Type the cheat code exactly as above. 
   3. Press ENTER to execute the code. 
   4. If the code is typed correctly, "Cheat Enabled" 
      appears at the bottom of the screen.

 Last note: Some codes only work in a campaign. 
 This applies, for example, to all game level codes.


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