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20 years ago most of my visitors came from the netherlands. Nowadays, that has changed. Because most of my site's visitors will be from anywhere else, it stands to reason to make english the default language on this site. Therefore starting from today, the site will default to english.


The renewed website now has an english section. The choice between dutch and english can be selected in the upper right corner of the website.


The renewed website is online in Dutch. The English version will follow soon after. Then, more and more puds will be added in steps.


After many years of being distracted by a lot of factors that only kept me from my regular activities, I picked up the work on this website again. To begin with, I checked all links on the signpost page. Most of the websites that were on it now no longer exist and have been removed from my signpost page.

Furthermore, I have decided to give the website a completely new look in 2018. Maybe that is also the best time to finally create an English version of this website. In addition, I intend to place the many thousands of puds that I have collected over the past 20 years on this site too.


The first page of this website goes online.

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